My Girls

We Are Currently using Embark Vet Services to DNA Health test our girls for the genes they have linked to certain Health issues that affect the Cocker Spaniel breed. This includes PRA! Please see our Boys page for an explanation of PRA.

This testing will help us in our quest to produce healthier puppies!! 

Please understand there are still LIMITS to DNA testing!

At this time DNA testing for cataracts, glaucoma and cancers is not available!!


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                             We DNA Health Test our Girls using Embark Vet Services!                              All of Our Girls have been DNA tested  for PRA
Results are as follows:

        Deja- Clear

         Bizzy- Clear

          Remi- Clear



Gypsy- Clear

Hippy- Clear

Rose- Clear  



   Hope- Clear

              JuJu- Clear

              Rayne- Clear 

              Skye – Clear



Please remember… Puppies are only at risk of developing PRA if 2 carriers are bred together or if a carrier is breed to a dog that is affected with PRA .