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I just love your cockers, so pretty. I have a chocolate 6 yr old male his name is moscato I’ve had cocker spaniel all my life I just love them.
Donna Ritet 5 months ago

Sue Amstutz
I just got my new puppy, Bonnie Georgia in July! I cannot say enough good things about Karen and Hillcrest Cockers! She is a wonderful breeder, who actually cares about the dog, the pups and their health — not just “in it for the money!” I have had Cocker Spaniels all my life, and Bonnie is super smart! She is of course, adorable as well. I hope to give her a “Sister Dog” soon! Also from one of Karen’s litters.
Sue Amstutz 5 months ago

Michelle Binder
Hi! My name is Michelle Binder. I’m from Pensacola, Fl. I just recently got my first cocker spaniel and I am obsessed!! They are smart, beautiful and loving. I want to buy another girl so my girl isn’t lonely and I found your website and joined your Facebook page. Your babies are gorgeous!! Thank you for such a professional and easy page! I’ll be back!
Michelle Binder 5 months ago

Amy Roegge
As I was reading Amy Wood’s post, I had to chuckle. Our vet and all of the associates there have never seen such a beautiful cocker spaniel. We hear it all of the time. Our Penny Ann is so very special to us. She has the sweetest disposition and a cute, lively personality. She was very socialized to people and other dogs even from the first day that we brought her home. This says a lot about Karen Branch and Hill Crest Cockers. Karen wastes no time in forming the foundation for a very well rounded pet. I highly recommend Hill Crest if you want a wonderful pet.
Amy Roegge 8 months ago

Anne Bussian
Ruby is almost seven months old and she is such a delight. She is really calm (for a puppy!) and has the sweetest disposition and the funniest inquisitive personality. She loves to be around people and also gets along well with our older dog, Georgia. She’s the perfect playmate for us all. Karen was so informative before we adopted Ruby and has been a wonderful source of advice and support since. She loves these fur babies, and I would highly recommend her and Hill Crest Cockers to anyone who wants to adopt a cocker spaniel.
Anne Bussian 8 months ago

Amy Woods
Can’t say enough wonderful things about this breeder! Our buff boy Boo is fabulous. He has the best personality and is training really well. When we went to the vet she couldn’t believe him. She said I had gotten “a great quality dog, one of the best she’s seen”. She had me give her the contact info so she could recommend Karen as well. I promise these dogs are worth every cent. You won’t be disappointed.
Amy Woods 8 months ago

Judy Hale
I loved looking at photos of your cocker spaniels. My two buff female cockers both died this fall. They were litter mates and almost 14 years old. I have had at least one cocker spaniel my entire life since I saw the movie “Lady and the Tramp” when I was 5 years old. I am 63 now! I may be interested in adopting or purchasing another cocker spaniel this year.
Judy Hale a year ago

Jodee Schober
Love your chocolate babies. Someday i might have to have one.
Jodee Schober a year ago

Mimi Monroe
We are having the best time with our Toby which we “adopted” from Hill Crest Cockers(born 7/9/16). What a pleasure to work with Karen and truly appreciated all the help & advice in transitioning Toby into our home. Most importantly, Karen was one of the most honest breeders we’ve worked with. Our Veterinarian was so impressed when Toby arrived of just how clean & healthy he was. We continue to get compliments on his gorgeous fur and his good looks!! He has excelled in dog training classes and in a month will, hopefully, pass his K9 Good Citizen certification. Toby is all boy and a lot of fun with a great personality…he keeps us on our toes!!
Mimi Monroe a year ago

Paige Reese and Renee Mauldin
I bought my mom a cocker from Karen and I have to say Marley is the most beautiful sweetest laid back baby. We already love Marley so much! Karen is very knowledgeable about the breed and did a great job informing us on stuff that we didnt know even though my mom has had three cockers. I would recommend Karen to anyone that loves the breed and wanting a cocker spaniel from a reputable breeder. These dogs are her babies and she treat them just as that. They get nothing but the best nutrition and care from Karen. I am looking forward to my mom and our family making lots of memories with Marley. Every single one of her adult cockers that I seen were all beautiful and was just enjoying life today. Thanks for making my mom feel complete again. We are extremely happy so far.
Paige Reese and Renee Mauldin a year ago

Martha Evans
My puppy Scout is a real character. He’s been to puppy class, but I am the one getting trained! He’s very gentle with children and other dogs, but my 12-year-old cat is convinced that he poses a serious threat. I suspect the cat is just jealous. I’ve met many more of my neighbors since we started going to walk in the neighborhood just because he’s so handsome and bouncy they can’t resist stopping to comment and pet him. He’s a keeper. Thanks, Karen.
Martha Evans a year ago

Tesa Nutt
Update on Emma: I have had Emma 10 months now. She is the most loving fur baby I have every had. She will greet you everyday when you get home with toy in mouth ready to play. If you have had a bad day she changes all that when you see her and the love she has for you. I can’t thank Karen at Hill Crest Cocker enough for allowing me to adopt my Emma. Thanks again Karen.
Tesa Nutt a year ago

Johnny Grimes
I am Johnny Grimes from Opp, Alabama. My wife and have owned cocker spaniels all of our 42 years of our married lives. We received our beautiful girl cocker on this day, June 28, 2015. She is two years old now. Her name is Sassy. She is the most beautiful I have ever seen and adore dearly. Thanks to Karen, she provided our family with a very healthy and loving dog. Sassy is our pride and joy. Matter a fact, Sassy is the best cocker spaniel we have ever owned. So loving, so playful, so full of energy, and so smart! We are very blessed and thankful that we found her on this website. Sassy is very loved by her family and friends. In return, Sassy loves people. Can’t express enough enough words what a cocker she is. Karen Branch gets all the credit for our joy. Karen explained everything we needed to know about this particular litter. Never knew anyone knew so much about dogs. Karen does and more. Karen is very professional. Thanks Karen! My wife and I love you for making our home and lives more prosperous! God knows best! Hillcrest Cockers is the best!
Johnny Grimes a year ago

Steve and Jeanette Fox, Gulf Breeze, Florida
If you are a new reader to this website, you have been blessed with the opportunity to acquire a cocker spaniel with the best all round personality, intelligence, coat and temperament we have ever enjoyed. We have have cockers since the early 80’s and our one year old chocolate brown girl, Abbey, that we got from Karen is amazing. She still has a fan club of our friends that want to see the latest pictures and videos. She shows us such love every day and continues to learn desired activities usually in just a few attempts. She is great with our grandchildren and the vet’s office still comes to a stop when she walks in. During the adoption process, Karen provided updated pictures, and treated us like family from the beginning. She keeps in touch and provides assistance on just about any issue that might come up after bringing you puppy home. Her wealth of knowledge has never let us down and always been spot on. We continue to follow her website frequently to look at the new puppies for our next addition. Just another praise to our experience with Karen and Hill Crest cockers. God has certainly blessed her abilities to produce a very high quality cocker spaniel.
Steve and Jeanette Fox, Gulf Breeze, Florida a year ago

Lindsey Smith, Smyrna, GA
Thank you Karen for my handsome Ramsey!! He is the smartest and healthiest cocker spaniel I own. You absolutely know what you’re doing with these puppies. I will always recommend you when people ask where my buff fur baby came from.
DEAR ADOPTERS: Continue feeding your baby the quality food and vitamins Karen feeds them, at least for a year. I notice all the difference in this baby from my other cockers. Karen loves these puppies like her own….and will be there for you before and after adopting, if you need advice.
Enjoy your new family addition!
Lindsey Smith, Smyrna, GA a year ago

We took Cooper home in December, 2015. Our sweet boy makes me belly laugh every day. He’s smart, happy, healthy and full of life. He’s been a wonderful addition to our home. Karen was wonderful to work with prior to our arrival, and during our “orientation” to the new puppy.
Donna Cosola a year ago

George and Sharon Steenton
We brought home our Sophie girl a little over a year ago. She has been the best cocker we have ever had. She is lovable, has tons of personality, and is always by our sides. She lives to play and anxiously awaits new toys from her nana each week. She waits on the stairs for us to come home, and then runs to the garage door to greet us. Karen raises the best cockers and she truly cares for all her babies.
George and Sharon Steenton a year ago

Susan Hendee
My beautiful fur baby Pluto came to live with me in May of 2016. I cannot imagine life without him! He looks exactly like his daddy Gator, with the happy go lucky personality of his mom Bridget. He is a complete social butterfly! He greets every dog ready to play. At daycare he runs in and says “hello” to every dog in the group before hopping on top of the play set to survey his kingdom! I recommend Karen to everyone who has an interest in bringing a cocker spaniel puppy into their home.
Susan Hendee a year ago

Hi Karren, this is Sydni and Steve we just wanted to thank you for our wonderful and loving puppy. Toby wants to say hi and we hope that we can come back and visit someday soon. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and we definitely recommend Hill Crest Cockers and it wasn’t that far away from us so it was very convenient . Thanks so much!!!!!
Sydni a year ago

Kier Scrivenor
I got my black and tan fur baby, Joe, from Hill Crest Cockers last year and he’s the perfect, ideal Cocker! He has such a happy, smart, playful and sweet personality. When we go to the dog park people rave about how gorgeous he is and call him the “Welcome Committee” because he goes to the gate and calmly greets new puppies as they come in. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. If you’re considering bringing a Cocker into your home, Karen is definitely who you need to get your new baby from! The decision to get Joe was one of the best choices I’ve made 🙂
Kier Scrivenor a year ago

Masha Halpern
Hi Karen, I was so excited to find your website and have heard of your line of beautiful cockers. We would love to be considered on your next / future litters so that we can join the ‘ranks’ of happy families with wonderful and well -cared for cockers~
Masha Halpern 2 years ago

Mitzi Hall Norton
I highly recommend Hillcrest Cockers. We brought our Sophie home Labor Day weekend. She is precious! She is absolutely beautiful & extremely smart! People are continuously asking where we got her from. Sophie is a true reflection of how amazing Karen’s fur babies are! However, the thing I’m most grateful for is the joy she brings to our family! We love our Sophie heart?
Mitzi Hall Norton 2 years ago

Jodee Schober
I ran across your page by accident. But have to say your chocolates are beautiful. I lost my 13 year old choc to cancer last Oct. Beautiful babies!!
Jodee Schober 2 years ago

Tesa Nutt
Emma is 7 months old now. She is the smartest fur baby I have ever had. You can tell her to go get her toy and she knows where she left it. Just goes right to it. When I was looking to get Emma. Karen would send pictures of her sleeping on her back. She still loves to sleep that way all the time. If you are looking for a fur baby call Karen.
Tesa Nutt 2 years ago

Scout(Peaches and Bimmer) is doing WONDERFUL. He is 3 months old now and we have had him for just over a month. He is such a character and SO loving and smart. Our vet and the staff make comments every single time we are in there about how gorgeous he is. Karen was a dream to work with. I had to chuckle a little bit about how she interviewed ME to make sure our family was the right fit for one of her puppies. How many breeders do you know who care enough to do that? I have always wanted a cocker but I was not very familiar with the specifics of the breed. Karen talked to me for a long time about all the wonderful things about cockers but also let me know right up front some of the potential things that could happen, health wise. I appreciated that so much! Its so obvious how much she cares and wants to make sure all of her puppies find the best homes possible. We just adore Scout. I have two young children and he is so good with them, he has really taken to my 3yr old especially and will play endless games of fetch with her. We look forward to many years with him and can’t wait to watch my kids grow up with Scout by their side.
Tiffany 2 years ago

Pam & James Rody
Update on Piper (May 2016): we brought Piper to her new home and she settled in real easy in her new environment. The crate training came real easy, thanks to that awesome “snuggle puppy”! With consistance routine and commands, Piper has been pretty easy to house train and potty train. Karen at HillCrest Cockers has been amazing through this whole process and We truly don’t know what we would have done without her! We called her I think a million times with question after question for weeks before we even came to pick up our new little one, just wanting to be the best parents we could be and Karen was so patient with all our questions. She is actually the reason why Piper has adapted to her new home so well and so quickly, cause Karen told us what to do and how to do it (thank goodness!)
We wish we were closer to Karen so we could visit Piper’s first mommies (Pepper and Karen) but we hope to in the near future.
We highly recommend choosing HillCrest Cockers if you are looking to add a wonderful companion to your family:)
Pam & James Rody 2 years ago

Todd and Yvette Harris
Hi. We have been so happy with Jack and he seems to be happy with his new home. He is 4 months old. The vet calls him the lover because of the kisses he gives. He had playmate waiting Red a 4 year old Cocker. They play together and give each other sugar too. We have had a lot of Cockers in the past and he has been one of the best puppies.
Todd and Yvette Harris 2 years ago

George and Sharon Steenton
Just thought i would give you an update on Sophie. She has turned out to be such a sweetie. She is 9 months old now and loves to play chase, and ball, and loves toys. She gives kisses on the stairs, and is such a joy. We are totally house trained. She also loves car rides and watching tv. Such a baby
George and Sharon Steenton 2 years ago

Tina – Alabama
Just got my first peek at my future baby girl!! So thrilled God put Karen in my path! It was such a pleasure talking to her and could feel the dedication she has for these beautiful babies. We recently lost our Emma to a snake bite and looking forward to filling that hole that was left in our hearts. Words cannot express the how excited I am!!
Tina – Alabama 2 years ago

We got Rocky in May and he is just a doll. Our Vet was very impressed with his personality and breeding. Rocky has already been housebroken, learned to sit and walks great on a leash. He is very smart! Karen has done a wonderful job in breeding her Cocker spaniels! When we are ready to get another fur baby we will get another one of her puppies. We lost our cocker just about one year ago very suddenly and missed her very much. Rocky has made a difference in our life after our l.oss. We are so thrilled to have him in our life
Bonnie-Georgia 2 years ago

I found this web site and just fell in love with these babies. I have wanted a cocker all my life. So, I called Karen to talk to here about them. I could tell just by hearing her voice how she loved what she does with these babies. I can’t wait to meet my new member of the family.
Tesa-Georgia 2 years ago

Jeanette & Steve Fox
My wife and I have had cocker spaniels our entire marriage and have been blessed with them all. Needless to say earlier this year we lost both of our 15 year old males three months apart. I started looking for breeders in Florida, Georgia and Alabama and narrowed it down to two just on looks alone of their puppies. After we talked to Karen we knew she was the one. She is the most compassionate, thoughtful person we have met in a long time and it shows in her method of breeding and concern for all parties. Our beautiful brown girl, Abbey, that we got in May has filled the hole in our hearts and is simply amazing. When we take her to the vet for shots the entire office, 3 vets, comes to a standstill. She is a show stopper for sure! Coworkers even have pictures of her as screen savers and on their frigerator door. She has slept through the night from the beginning and is very fast learner. Our vet even stated she has a personality far above the usual cocker puppies he deals with. Again, we praise Karen to all who have met Abbey. We are very happy to be a member of the Hillcrest family. Karen, we are so thankful that God gave you such abilities and are looking forward to our next addition.
Jeanette & Steve Fox 2 years ago

My husband and I welcomed our furry son just over a month ago. We named him Peyton (after my favorite football player, Peyton Manning.) I was secretly hoping that the little guy would be as smart and lovable as the “human Peyton.” Hands down, this little mister was the best choice for us ! He’s so energetic and full of nothing but pure, unconditional LOVE. His temperament is a true testament to his breeder, Karen. One visit to her “puppy palace” and you can see why her fur babies are simply the best. Furthermore, Karen makes herself available long after the puppies leave. She’s like a 24 hour, long distance vet/friend. We’re truly grateful for this wonderful addition to our family!!! Thank you, Karen – we love you.
Peyton and Parents (Fred and Tracy)
Tracy 2 years ago

Carlton & Bobby Scarlett
We picked up our bundle of joy, Franco, on May 21st and our lives have not been the same since. Our cocker puppy, Franco is just a beautiful, intelligent, lovable companion. We are thankful to God for leading our daughter to Karen’s website where she found Franco. Thank you Karen for your labor of love and dedication to providing quality, healthy and beautiful cocker spaniel puppies for families all over America. Keep up the GREAT work!
Carlton & Bobby Scarlett 2 years ago

Cannot say enough about how wonderful this breeder is! From our very first communication it was clear that we shared a love for these pups, and the relationship has remained for the 2 months I’ve had my sweet pup! Karen checks in often, we swap pictures, share stories, and she’s an excellent resource if I ever have questions! My baby, Bailey Jean, is such a doll! She is so smart and has the sweetest temperament…proud mom right here!! I’d give Hillcrest two thumbs up!
Kristine 2 years ago

Susan Hendee
Karen, thank you so much for Pluto! Everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful he is and how smart. He has already been an angel traveling under my seat on an airplane and prancing through the airport like he owned it. He is a wonderful companion and pet. He is growing like a weed and has the best combination of Gator and Bridget’s looks. The vet has been very impressed at how healthy he is and how well he behaves. He is the perfect little dog to help me heal my heart and move forward in life. I feel very blessed to have found him.
Susan Hendee 2 years ago

Mimi Cawood
Our family had an absolutely wonderful experience at Hillcrest Cockers. From the beginning, it was apparent how much Karen loves her dogs. I highly recommend!
Mimi Cawood 3 years ago

The Ridgeways
Absolutely beautiful American Cockers!
The Ridgeways 3 years ago

Jason Cook & Family
We just love our little “Bamboo”! Karen has been great to work with, she is prompt on answering questions, and kept us informed through the entire process. She even followed-up to find out how the little guy is doing and if we received all the proper paper work in the mail. Karen loves her dogs, her puppies, and it shows with everything she does.
Jason Cook & Family 3 years ago

Jimmye Hawkins
I have had 2 cockers before I adopted Gabie. My first black American cocker was lovable, smart, playful, etc. My second cocker was rescue so I am uncertain of her parents and breeder. Even though I loved her with all my heart, she possessed all the characteristics that are deemed undesirable in a cocker. These type of negative characteristics ‘popped up” when cockers were so popular and were not being bred correctly. A couple of years ago I decided I would get another cocker but I wanted to make sure I got a cocker that was correctly bred. A correctly bred cocker is sweet, intelligent, doesn’t snap, has good health and conformation and doesn’t come from a puppy mill. I started researching breeders this summer. After a lot of research I found two that I liked. One was Karen. As soon as I talked to her, I knew she was the one. My Gabie has all the desirable qualities you want in the breed and does have the negative ones. While I was waiting for Gabie to get old enough to come home, Karen consistently updated me on her progress and provided pictures! Gabie already knew her name when I brought home because Karen started calling her by her name at 2 1/2 weeks. Gabie loves her big sister, a golden retriever, and her mom! She wins hearts wherever she goes. Her vet constantly brags about her! Whenever I get another cocker, it will be from Karen. Her care and commitment to the bred is exception and very hard to find.
Jimmye Hawkins 3 years ago

George and Sharon Steenton
Karen, thought we would let you know how Sophie is doing. She has adapted well to everyone and loves to give kisses. She loves to be played with and has adopted a big furry stuffed dog as her sleeping buddy. She discovered it in the foyer when exploring and has dragged it into her sleeping area. Had our first vet visit today and he says everything looks good and that her appetite must be good, because she is growing and has very soft fur. Her attitude is very playful and she has found an arch enemy in the door jamb, which just makes her growl and bark. The same thing can be said of the basketball, and Kleenex box. She is very loving and is very curious about all of her surroundings. She loves to explore the big backyard and pick up sticks and leaves. House training is progressing, but she is smart and will get the hang of it in no time. Thanks again for raising good natured cockers, and we will keep you updated.
George and Sharon Steenton 3 years ago

Paula and Scott Sellers
Karen we feel very blessed to have been able to adopt two of Peaches and Bimmer’s puppies. .Having not had twins in real life I now am thanking God . Our buff girl is Maggie and our black and brown boy is Meaux. They are a delight. I feel 23 again calling you about our babies. Thank you for you patience and kindness in walking us through some of sleepless night and telling me what I was doing wrong. First vet visit our vet felt of their furs and comments that the breeder was doing something right Their fur was soft and not matted…..The picture and video that were sent to us prior have been capture in their own baby book. A day does not go by that the puppies are not discovering new way to excite me from climbing out of their pay pen to a rolling tackle of our cat. We are having the time of our life. Best part of the day is evening when we get to have down time in the recliner for loving. We are still working on house training and I notice improvement every day. God Bless you and thank you for giving us so much joy.
Paula and Scott Sellers 3 years ago

The Boyd Family
Karen, words can not express how blessed we feel to have found you! We absolutely love our sweet little Beau! You truly have a beautiful gift! We are so thankful for the love and care you put into your cocker spaniels. Beau is a beautiful well adjusted puppy and the process was absolutely amazing. The weekly photos and videos allowed my family to bond with Beau even before we even saw him. Thank you for taking the time to give so much! We are so happy to be part of the Hillcrest Cocker Family!!
The Boyd Family 3 years ago

Summer Hendrix
I brought home my buff boy in March, the beginning of the best decision of my life starting to unfold. Bowden, now five months old, is a beautiful, smart and friendly little man! Living alone on the third floor of an apartment complex made house training one of my biggest fears, but with Karen’s support and continuous positive-reinforcement, Bowden was fully house trained at three months old. He loves car rides, playing outside, going to the beach and other dogs! I consider Karen family and am already looking forward to bringing home another Hill Crest cocker!
Summer Hendrix 3 years ago

Hi, I found your website while searching to see what might be available in or near Georgia, I found three or four different websites, and none of them comes anywhere close to your dogs, I especially like Bailey and Bridget, they are both so adorable, of course all your dogs are beautiful,are you going to have any chocolate puppies any time soon?
Louise 4 years ago

We got our Buff puppy from Karen in March. It was a surprise birthday present for my son. Karen made the experience remarkable and stayed in constant contact through the process. She loves her dogs and is the “right kind” of breeder. We love our Smitty and he has a great personality and temperament. Highly recommend and have recommended. Thanks Karen!!!
Andrew Smith 4 years ago

We got Wendy, a beautiful,beautiful 3 year old parti girl f om Karen. Karen rescued her from a dubious situation with the hopes of breeding her because of her beauty and sweet temperament. Alas she has some genetic issues that made that not a good idea. A less ethical breeder may have done it anyways. My whole experience with Karen was outstanding. I have a lot of respect for her because of that decision and the way she treats her dogs. I am forever grateful because our Wendy is the sweetest and loves being Princess!!!! I can’t wait to get Wendy a brother from one of Hillcrest”s future litters.
Jeanne 4 years ago

We adopted a sweet and playful puppy in September. We are glad we found Karen, she is great with her dogs and provided us with a lot of knowledge and informative about how to care for our puppy. He is a beautiful puppy & is very smart! Highly recommend!!
Cranfords 4 years ago

Thank you Karen for our wonderful boy, Paco, we adopted last Thanksgiving. He has become a fun, playful and loving addition to the family. It is clearly evident your love for your dogs and the care they receive. I get compliments on how beautiful his coloring is and what a sweet dog he is. Thanks for keeping in touch and the training tips!
Lorirubio 4 years ago

Carol and Bill
Hi Karen, We’ve had Buddy two weeks (today) and have enjoyed every minute with him. He is funny, smart, lovely and oh so playful. He adjusted extremely quickly and has the hearts of our family and friends as well. He sleeps through the night every night. You were terrific throughout the adoption process, allowing us to be on the waiting list, then keeping us informed of his birth and development with pictures, videos and emails. You did a fabulous job. Thanks so much!
Carol and Bill 4 years ago

Ted & Evelyn
Hi Karen, what can I say, everyone has beat me to it. You have a great web sight,but most of all your love of the dogs show thru all that you do. We are very glad that we found Charlie before we left Florida, to move to Colorado. Charlie loves the snow and enjoys hiking the trails.
Ted & Evelyn 4 years ago

I love going to your website and looking. I have always had a cocker or two. Our Bunny is now 8yrs. Young! Thanks for your love of the breed.
Molly 4 years ago

kate beaty
Hi Karen! Clyde has become a very special member of our family. I am so thankful that we found you and believe that Clyde was truly meant to be with us. The kids absolutely adore him….though they know that he is ultimately mommy’s dog!! We are constantly getting compliments on his beautiful markings. I love his black and tan, too! I have been keeping up with his brothers and sisters and look forward to watching them grow!!
Take care and do keep in touch!!!
With love and hugs,
The Beaty Family
kate beaty 4 years ago

Hi Karen, I wanted to thank you for my delightful Bj. he has been the joy of my heart, and every body that see him thinks he is the most georgous color they have ever seen,he reminds me more of that handsome Bailey every time I look at him,A man was here yesterday, and said he wanted to take him hunting,I told him he went hunting one time and came back with briars all over him, so I guessed he may not go hunting anymore. Your website is beautiful, so is all your dogs,I love going to it and just looking at all those pretty puppies,keep up the good work.

Love You
Louise 4 years ago